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Deeper Knowledge on Open-Source Software

Apache Flink

A distributed processing framework and engine for stateful data computation

Apache Kafka

A distributed event streaming platform for data-pipelines and analytics

Apache Spark

A data processing engine for batch processing, stream processing, and machine learning

Cloud Foundry

Could Foundry: An open-source, on-premise cloud platform for enterprise IT organizations


A distributed version-control system to track changes, typically for software development projects


An end-to-end DevOps tool chain centered on Git

Kubernetes (k8s)

A system to conduct an orchestra of containers


A free and open-source operating system


MySQL: An open-source relational database management system (RDBMS)

D3 (JavaScript Library)

A library to create data visualizations with JavaScript

Open-Source Programming Languages

A list of open-source programming languages I've learned (at least a little bit)


A popular open-source relational database

Spring Boot

Spring Boot Spring Boot is an open-source software framework written in Java and used to develop REST services based on Spring…

tldraw: A simple drawing app

A simple drawing app

XState (JavaScript Library)

A library to create state machines and state charts written in JavaScript

Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

An extensible code editor for software engineers

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