This is my knowledge log. When I learn something, I log it here so that I can reference it later. I publish it freely online so it's easily accessible; if folks other than myself find it useful, that's great! If it's not useful, that's fine too.

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Unstructured Data 2022-05-19

Data without a pre-defined or easily derivable format

Semi-Structured Data 2022-05-19

Data that partially adheres to a schema

Structured Data 2022-05-19

Data that strictly adheres to a schema

Data Governance 2022-04-01

The people, processes, and standards that define how data is managed within an organization

Python Poetry 2022-03-31

An alternative to pip for Python package management

Google Cloud 2022-03-31

The hosted cloud platform provided by Google

DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) 2022-03-31

A research program at Google Cloud, notable for the State of DevOps reports

Management 2022-03-31

The art of taking responsibility for the performance of others

DORA's Four Key Metrics 2022-03-31

The four key metrics for software development team performance, as identified by DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)

Azure Data Lake Gen2 2022-03-16

A data lake storage solution built on Azure Blob Storage