This is my knowledge log. When I learn something, I log it here so that I can reference it later. I publish it freely online so it's easily accessible; if folks other than myself find it useful, that's great! If it's not useful, that's fine too.

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SMART Goals 2021-10-11

How to set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely

You Aren't Gonna Need it (YAGNI) 2021-10-11

A simple mnemonic to help limit project scope

Architectural Decision Records (ARDs) 2021-10-11

A method for capturing architectural decisions

System Qualities and Nonfunctional Requirements (NFRs) 2021-10-05

Constraints on how software is engineered

Software Architecture 2021-10-05

The practice of organizing software components in a complex system

Permanent removal of Windows taskbar pinned items 2021-09-30

A quick fix to permanently remove pinned taskbar items that keep returning after a restart

JavaScript Recipe: Get the unique elements from an array 2021-09-26

Recipe to get the unique elements from a JavaScript Array

JavaScript (and TypeScript) recipes 2021-09-26

Quick and easy to copy recipes for JavaScript and TypeScript

Unsplash: Royalty-free Photos 2021-09-21

Royalty free, high-resolution photos

Acceptance Testing 2021-09-07

Processes and techniques to test whether a set of requirements is met