A database is a collection of data that is optimized to efficiently store and retrieve that data.

Deeper Knowledge on Databases

ACID Transactions

Database transactions that are atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable

AWS DynamoDB

AWS DynamoDB is a 'NoSQL' key-value and document database

Columnar Databases

Columnar databases Columnar databases , also knowns as column-oriented databases , are databases that store data on disk as columns, as…

Data Governance

The people, processes, and standards that define how data is managed within an organization

Data warehouses

Data warehouses: Architecture, data flow, and related topics

Database as Code

A technique to version-control and automate the deployment of database schemas

Extract Transform Load (ETL)

Ways to extract, transform, and load data

Insert-only Databases

A database design approach that requires deletes and updates to be performed as inserts

Relational Databases

Databases that organize data into tables and support relationships through distinct keys

Broader Topics Related to Databases


Facts, statistics, and references to information

Software Engineering

Engineering approaches to software development

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