Data are a set of values for variables about one or more objects or events. A single value of a single variable is a datum, which can be thought of as the fundamental unit of information which is data put into some useful context.

Deeper Knowledge on Data

Data Mining

A guide to finding patterns and relationships in data

Data Science

The scientific method applied to data analysis

Data Teams

The make up and measures of effective data teams


Organized collections of structured data


Data put into useful context


The systematic process of gathering data to establish facts

Semi-Structured Data

Data that partially adheres to a schema

Statistical data types

Types of data used in statistics: Numerical/quantitative, categorical/qualitative, and ordinal

Structured Data

Data that strictly adheres to a schema

Unstructured Data

Data without a pre-defined or easily derivable format

Broader Topics Related to Data

Computer Science

The study of algorithms, data structures, information, and computation

Data Knowledge Graph