XState is a JavaScript framework by Stately for managing state machines and statecharts and includes the ability to treat them as actors.

Example XState Project: Gas Pump

The gas pump example project uses XState to implement a basic gas pump as if it were an integration of three separate applications, each using a statechart unknown to the other applications, but potentially dependent on them. This was important to prove conceptually for potential use in a multi-team enterprise setting.

This was accomplished by using two separate registries:

  1. A Statechart Registry for each application's statecharts
  2. A UI Component Registry to map UI Components (plain HTML & JS - no framework) to available actions

The Statechart Registry is used to assemble a "Super Statechart" to manage shared context and cross-statechart communication. This was easily achieved by virtue of each application's statechart being subjugated to the Super Statechart, which gave each app's statechart a shared context and enabled communication via the send action.

It was also necessary to merge the configuration options, which also provided a rudimentary opportunity to detect conflicts. For example, if two independent statecharts defined a hasCredit guard, the conflict needed to be detected to fail the formation of the Super Statechart.

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