How to Detect Broken Links in Markdown

The markdown-link-check NPM package makes it easy to scan a markdown file for broken links, but what about a whole website?

This simple Bash script will scan all markdown links:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
for file in $(find . -name \"*.md\")
	markdown-link-check --verbose --config .markdown-link-check.config.json \"$file\" || exit 1;

Static Site Generator Example with Gatsby

Though these instructions are written for Gatsby, they can be easily adapted to any static site generator.

1. Install markdown-link-check locally

npm install --save-dev markdown-link-check

2. Configure Crawling Options

Gatsby stores static files in the static/ folder, so we have to map references to these files to prefix them with /static/.

Create a file called .markdown-link-check.config.json in your project root to configure the mapping:

	"replacementPatterns": [
      "pattern": "^\/img\/",
      "replacement": "../static/img/"

3. Add a test:links script to package.json

The markdown-link-check CLI only checks one file at a time, we need to loop through all markdown files and ignore the contents of the node_modules folder in our script:

	"scripts": {
		"test:links": "for file in $(find . -path ./node_modules -prune -false -o -name \"*.md\"); do markdown-link-check --verbose --config .markdown-link-check.config.json \"$file\" || exit 1; done;",

You can now integrate npm run test:links into your CI/CD process.

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