Bash is a Unix shell

Bash Command Shortcuts

Command Use Example
history Show list of previous commands history 5 will show last five commands executed
!123 Execute command 123 from history sudo !123 will execute command 123 from history with sudo
!! Execute previous command sudo !! will execute the last command with sudo
& Run command in background hugo serve & will run hugo serve in the background

Bash Command Chains

Operator Use Example
; Chain commands, despite failure mkdir a; mkdir b will call mkdir b whether mkdir a succeeds or not
&& Chain commands, if successful mkdir a && mkdir b will call mkdir b only if mkdir a succeeds
|| Chain commands, if failure mkdir a || mkdir b will call mkdir b only if mkdir a fails
| Pass command output as input to next command ps -ef | less will use less to scroll through output of pf -es

Deeper Knowledge on Bourne Again Shell (Bash)

Git Bash

A Bash emulator and terminal for Windows

Markdown: Detect Broken links

Use markdown-link-check and Bash to detect broken links

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