Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Electrical engineering is the practical application of electricity to create new tools and devices.


Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)A converter that changes an analog signal to a digital signal.
Baud RateThe number of bits per second that can be sent over a serial connection
ConductorA material that conducts electricity well because it has weak valence bonds such as copper, gold, silver, aluminum, or even saltwater.
Digital PinA type of pin that can only be in an "on" or "off" state.
Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)A converter that changes a digital signal to an analog signal.
Electrical ContactAn electrical circuit component that consists of a conductive material (typically metal) that, when touched to another contact, can pass an electrical current.
Electrical LoadThe portion of a circuit that uses electrical power
Electrical SignalAn variation in voltage or current frequency, phase, or duration used to represent information
InsulatorA material that conducts electricity poorly because it has strong valence bonds such as glass, rubber, plastic, and even air
PinA type of electrical contact in which the connection is designed to be pressed together (i.e. a plug) to form a reliable, low-resistance connection.
Power SupplyAv electrical device that supplies power to a circuit
SemiconductorA material that can act like an insulator or conductor, depending on the circumstances such as Silicon
Serial PortAn interface through which an electrical signal is transferred sequentially, one bit at a time
Two Wire Interface (TWI)A communication protocol consisting of a data line and a clock line.


  • Red wires are typically used for power and connect to positive terminals
  • Black wires are typically used for ground and connect to negative terminals
  • Other colors are typically used for electrical signals

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