Sociology is a social science concerned with the structures, institutions, and consequences of human societies.

Sociology can be split into two major categories: Macrosociology and microsociology.

Macrosociology studies large populations to understand the impacts of these populations and their behaviors on individuals and smaller groups, generally using statistical methods. Common topics studied in macrosociology include economics, poverty, racism, war, inequality, and major institutions.

Microsociology is studies smaller populations that make up societies, such as families, schools, clubs, and other small social interactions. Microsociology relies heavily on interpretive analysis to determine how these small interactions influence larger patterns of society because test groups tend to be too small or too highly contextual for statistical analysis. Examples of interactions studied in microsociology include doctor-patient interactions, family dynamics, romantic relationships, teachers-student interactions, and so on.

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Social Justice

Social Justice

The balance of opportunity and wealth distribution in a society

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Social Sciences

The study of human social relationships

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