Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)

Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) is a relational database from Microsoft, known for its exceptional developer experience. MSSQL can be run on Windows or Linux.

MSSQL Recipes

Install MSSQL on Ubuntu

See How to install MSSQL on Ubuntu.

List all stored procedures in a database

FROM <database>.INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES -- replace <database> with the name of the database you're querying

Start MSSQL Server on WSL2

WSL2 does not include systemd, therefore the systemctl command will not work to start the mssql-server service on WSL2-hosted Linux instances:

$ systemctl status mssql-server --no-pager
System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate.
Failed to connect to bus: Host is down

To remedy that, start the service directly:

sudo /opt/mssql/bin/sqlservr

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