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Forecasting in JiraAlign

Jira Align provides two potential inputs to use in forecasting: Member Weeks, and Team Weeks. Member weeks (MW) are the number of team members that will work on a feature multiplied by the number of weeks they believe it would take if they focused on it completely. Team Weeks (TW) are the number of weeks an entire agile team believes it would take to complete a feature if they focused on it completely. Both data points are used in forecasting and high-level planning in Jira Align, however member weeks is believed to be more accurate because it takes into account that different members of the same team can work on separate features in parallel.

Member Weeks Example: An agile team estimates that 3 of its developers can complete the shopping cart feature in about two weeks, if they fully focus on that feature. Three developers times two weeks equals 6 member weeks, or 3developers2weeks=6memberweeks3 developers * 2 weeks = 6 member weeks.

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