Introversion is a psychological preference for focusing on internal thoughts and feelings, rather than external stimuli and interactions. Introverted often find socializing to be draining and prefer to spend time alone or with a small group of people they are close to.

While introversion, shyness, and social anxiety may share some similar characteristics, they are distinct concepts. Introversion a general preference for less social stimulation and more alone time whereas shyness is a feeling of discomfort or awkwardness in social situations, particularly around people who are not well-known. Shyness may be related to a lack of confidence or fear of being judged or rejected, and it may manifest as avoidance of social situations or difficulties with initiating or sustaining conversations. Social anxiety is a more severe form of shyness. Introverted individuals may still enjoy spending time with others and may have strong social skills, but they may also feel drained more quickly by social interaction than their extroverted counterparts.

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