Example ChatGPT prompts

I've had some fun learning the art of prompt engineering recently, and developed some fun prompts that anyone can try using ChatGPT. The prompts linked to below provide some fun and useful examples that I've successfully tested in the real-world.

Deeper Knowledge on ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT as a Software Development Assistant

A useful ChatGPT prompt to guide software development

ChatGPT as a Teacher or Tutor

An educational ChatGPT prompt to build and guide you through a full syllabus

ChatGPT as an Anger Translator

A funny ChatGPT prompt to improve communication by translating angry phrases into kinder alternatives

ChatGPT as a Linguistic Embellisher

A funny ChatGPT prompt to make you look smart, and perhaps a little pompous

ChatGPT as an Ikigai Coach

A useful ChatGPT prompt to help you align your passion with your source of income

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The art of guiding AI language models

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An overview of ChatGPT and common use cases

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