Business intelligence

Business intelligence is the integration of data products with business practices to aid decision making and improve the overall performance of the business. A successful business intelligence practice results in a quantifiable difference in revenue and customer satisfaction.

Business intelligence practices may overlap significantly with data engineering, data science, and data analysis practices. However, the primary focus of business intelligence is on the development, execution, and communication of the overall strategy to use data to improve business.

Deeper Knowledge on Business Intelligence

Data Science

The scientific method applied to data analysis

Big Data

Challenges related to data variety, velocity, and volume

Data Teams

The make up and measures of effective data teams

Data Visualizations

Visualizations that generate insights

Data Analysis

The transformation of data to information

Data Engineering

Engineering approaches to data management

Broader Topics Related to Business Intelligence

Business Operations

Methods of minimizing costs and maximizing profit

Data Products

Ways of making data available

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