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August 24, 2017

Nerd for Hire

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an extra brain to handle complex projects that you don’t have time for? Well, you can’t! So go with the next best thing: me.

I can help with virtually any project related to software development, web development, cloud management, marketing automation, and agile project management. Through my company, Onlinico, I can take on projects of virtually any size.

Services for Businesses

Here are some things I can do for your business:

Build, Host, and Maintain your Website

Whether you’re starting from scratch, have a long-neglected website that needs refreshing, or something in between, I can get your lead-generating or ecommerce website up-and-running. All the websites I deliver are fast and easy to maintain.

Building your website consists of three basic steps:

  1. Design: I’ll work with you to ensure brand consistency, broad device compatibility (responsive), and low-friction conversions are all baked in to the design. If you have an existing website, I’ll audit it to identify specific opportunities to improve user experience and conversions.
  2. Build: I’ll provide you with a user-friendly back-end to make maintaining your site surprisingly easy, and an SEO-friendly front-end to make your site easy to find.
  3. Launch: I’ll thoroughly test your website for functionality, browser compatibility, and device compatibility. You’ll also get free support for 30 days, just in case.

You’re welcome to host your website anywhere, but if you host with Onlinico you’ll get:

Finally, I can help keep your website in tip-top shape with a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans can be customized to include any or all of the following:

Website Quick Wins

Need to get something done on your website quickly, without a rebuild? Here are some quick-wins I can give you, usually in just a few days:

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are a great way to increase engagement with your business or monetize your expertise. If you have an app idea, or even if you need an app idea, I’d be happy to help ideate, design, build, and publish your mobile app on iOS and Android.

Software Development

From line-of-business applications, to product ideas for start-ups, I’ve got decades of experience writing great software, and an amazing team of engineers that know how to deliver Windows, MacOS, Web, and Cloud based applications to back me up.

Business Analysis

Have a need, but having trouble finding the time to define and communicate it clearly? I’ll dig in to your business, define the need clearly, identify multiple solutions, and document everything. You’ll have a clear vision of the each solution, and a plan to get there that includes the steps, phases, timelines, and budgets required to get there.

Technical Interviewing

Need to hire someone with great technical skills, but aren’t sure how to identify real talent? I’ll rigorously interview candidates to ensure they have strong technical skills.

Services for Individuals

I love to help people with their careers and education.

Career Help


How to Get Started

Just email me with a description of what you’d like to accomplish. I’ll get back to you quickly, with a totally reasonable scope, cost, and timeline.